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Eye Above UAV Services provides a wide range of services, both aerial and ground based, Australia wide. With fully licensed drone operators you can be sure any aerial operation will be held to the highest standards. 

We cover a wide range of industries with our drone services including 3D mapping, asset inspection, construction, mining, television and media, real estate and much more.

We also offer a full video production service looking after all aspects of video production whether it be for a small local event to a fully produced TV advertisement.

When you hire us you get the same team every time, no having to worry about a different operator for each job. This means any continuing service from us will be streamlined and simple, no need for new inductions each visit and no need to go over jobs over and over again, saving you both time and money.

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Goulburn NSW 2580, Australia

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Real Estate

We provide a full Real Estate marketing service. From basic interior and exterior photography to a video showcase with agent interviews, virtual staging and much more.

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Using unique Ground Control Points made specifically for drone mapping we are able to deliver fast and accurate 3D maps while reducing costs and improving safety. No longer is complex and bulky survey gear required. We can show up on site, quickly disperse the Aeropoints and fly meaning less time on site and less downtime.

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The ability to inspect places that are difficult to reach with ease is one of the best advantages of drones. Wind towers, roof tops and the bridges all require special equipment, scaffolding and downtime to inspect manually. Using drones to capture high definition images and videos allows inspections to be done from the comfort of an office with a fraction of the downtime and costs normally associated with asset inspection.

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NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) is a simple graphical indicator of vegetation health. In the past NDVI has been acquired by satellite imagery but this has limitations of poor resolution and frequency. Our specialised agricultural remote sensing equipment allows us to capture high resolution NDVI maps of crops to identify problems such as lack of fertiliser,  irrigation  and malfunctioning farming equipment.

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Centimetre accurate GPS mapping, crop health analysis and asset inspection can all be achieved quicker and cheaper than traditional methods using drones. Reduce downtime, improve productivity and increase safety all while costing less. 

Full Site Volume Analysis
Crop Health Analysis
Aerial Wind Turbine Inspection
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