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Drones In Construction

Drones have proven efficiency benefits in civil construction and major infrastructure projects during construction. Drones can ensure that projects stay on time and on track delivering time and cost savings.

Below we have listed some of the real world benefits of drones in construction:

Volume Calculations

By far the most common use for drones in construction, volumetric analysis allows the quick and accurate measurement of stockpile quantities. Using the Propeller Aero online portal we deliver full site 3D models from which accurate measurements can be taken.

Stockpile Measurements

Using drones to capture the data for these models allows us to track earth moving operations cheaper, safer, faster and more accurate than traditional manual walkthrough methods.

Progress Tracking

Tracking site progress allows managers to get an overview of where a construction progress is up to, this allows mangers to ensure that projects are staying on time remaining under budget. Regular data collection with drones allows comparing "as is" to "as planned" by overlaying the surface model to current elevations and volumes. This can reveal problems in earthworks straying from plans, allowing problems to be fixed before they become too costly.

Propeller Timeline Tool

Propeller Timeline Tool in action.

Contractor Monitoring

Drone data collection allows site managers more up to date information than was previously feasible. Paying contractors by progress requires knowing where progress lies on site. The ability to see site progress without having to visit a site that may be hours away is a huge time and cost saving.

To find out more about what Eye Above UAV Services can do for your business contact us.



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