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Benefits of hiring a professional photographer for your real estate marketing.

Great photos elevate your property to the top of the market. When prospective buyers are browsing through countless listings, they are far more likely to click on a great looking image over a flat poorly lit one.

Real estate photography isn't easy. Many agents take photos themselves, some using high quality cameras and some just with their phones, but without a strong understanding of photography, lighting, and a good editing skills these photos will always fall short.

Here are some examples of my own before an after images. Keep in mind these photos have been taken with a high end professional camera and still require a lot of work.

Example 1

Before: Poor lighting with dark shadows on the opposite side of the room along with a boring black TV. The house almost looks abandoned.

Stairway After

After: I have corrected the uneven lighting and added and image to the TV to bring give it some life. The room now looks like it's part of a home rather than an empty house

Example 2

Drone Before

Before: In this aerial shot you can see the before photo looks flat and lifeless. Colours are lacking and the grass is looking quite dead.

Drone After

After: The finished image is vibrant and I have also helped make the grass look better by greening it up. Many agents shy away from getting photos done during winter because the lawns will not look great but this I usually a quick fix which I normally include for free!

Example 3

Lounge Before

Before: In this example we see that the timber looks flat and the far windows are almost completely white and flaring into the room. Both the TV and under the stairs are very dark and distracting.

Lounge After

After: You can see that there is a rich colour to the timber, which is how it actually looks in person. The TV is much more lively and the shadows are far more balanced. I prefer to leave outside fairly bright as I find it detracts from the image otherwise. Its not natural for outside to be the same brightness as inside.

Example 4

Kitchen Before

Before: In the before shot you can see that the kitchen and lounge are very dark. The large press on the table was also too heavy to move so it couldn't be avoided. Overall this photo is giving a bad impression of the space that could potentially turn away buyers.

Kitchen After

After: You can clearly see the huge difference. The lighting is even throughout the photo and I have removed the press from the table which opens up the whole right side of the image making the room appear larger.

The Result

Overall you can easily see that professionally edited photos can make a huge difference in property marketing. Anyone can take photos but finding a photographer that can provide a solid editing service to make the most of the images is crucial.

If you have a property that has been on the market for a while or a new property that you want to take straight to the top then give me a call! My basic real estate packages start at just $275, including up to 25 images. A small investment in ensuring your property is on the market for as little time as possible.

Matthew Maas


Eye Above UAV Services PTY LTD


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